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Meet the team behind the award-winning technology and customer support.

At Evessio, our core values centre around people, technology and service. We are constantly developing leading event management software and virtual venues for awards, conferences and exhibitions.

Trusted by some of the biggest brands in the publishing industry, Evessio has established a global reputation as the all-in-one event management solution for live and digital events.

Gary Clement

Gary Clement is the CEO and Co-founder of Evessio with years of experience in the events and technology industry. Having run successful businesses for many years specialising in web design, Gary decided to combine his skills in creative web design with event management software to provide events with a complete all-in-one solution.

Paul Schnell

Paul is the CTO and Co-founder of Evessio with an extensive background in technology. Paul has led technology and engineering departments for major multinational cloud computing and virtualization technology companies. Paul leads the team of developers who delivered the award-winning software behind Evessios platform.

Thomas Howie

As Chief Operating Officer, Thomas is responsible for ensuring that Evessio’s customers and partners are successfully utilising and adopting Evessio’s solutions across all Evessio’s regions worldwide. He has more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry and has a proven track record of growing businesses and executing go-to-market strategies.

Gayle Mackail
Operations Manager

Winner of 'Best Account Manager' Event Technology Awards - The People 2022

Gayle looks after Evessio’s customer portfolio as well overseeing company processes, stakeholder communications and the onboarding of new team members. Gayle has a varied skillset, having held a variety of customer relationship, account management, project management, sales, marketing and event management roles throughout her career.

Claire Singleton
Marketing Manager

Claire is the Marketing Manager at Evessio, responsible for overseeing all company marketing activity. Claire's focus is on finding new ways to communicate and collaborate with event industry influencers to provide Evessio's community with quality content.

Evessio believes in great technology, great people and great service.

Meet your award-winning onboarding and training team

Evessio’s team and people focused company culture has resulted in high-performing employees receiving awards for customer service and account management excellence.

The onboarding, training and customer support team have developed a solid process to ensure all of your event needs are met. Evessio's award-winning customer service ensures you and your team are provided with a seamless customer journey.

Francesca Comaschi
Project Manager

Francesca is an experienced Project Manager, responsible for the delivery of setting up Evessio's client websites and events. Before Evessio Francesca was responsible for managing the end-to-end delivery of bespoke advertising solutions for EMEA clients' unique site experiences, rich media and social media.

Holly Kearney
Software Trainer

An experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist and Software Trainer, Holly is responsible for training clients on using Evessio’s software. Holly has developed her own training plan which provides customers with the confidence to manage their events. Holly also provides additional training on specific areas of the software if needed by the event organizer.

Alistair Steger-Lewis
Head of Customer Support

Alistair is responsible for the delivery of excellent customer service processes throughout Evessio, ensuring everybody is meeting standards and maintaining customer satisfaction Alistair is an experienced customer service professional with a background in web development and technical support. Alistair spent many years working in the news, media and publishing sectors, before joining the Evessio team in 2017.

Federico Simoncelli
Digital Design and UX Manager

Federico builds Evessio's client websites and assists customers with technical support. Federico is an experienced Web Designer and UX Manager, collaborating closely with product management and engineering to deliver the best user experience.

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