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Amazing virtual venue for awards ceremonies

Amazing virtual

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Digital Awards Ceremonies

Evessio’s digital awards ceremony solution is an interactive virtual venue specifically designed to bring together guests, hosts and sponsors from anywhere around the world. With live streaming capabilities and both text and video chat functionality, it not only provides excellent networking solutions, but also brings the awards celebration to life in a fully interactive digital space

What do your sponsors get inside the
Evessio Digital Awards Ceremonies?

Stream Live Awards Ceremonies

Create excitement and engage in real-time with that ability to live stream your awards and entertainment.

Live Polling

Want your audience to take part in a vote? No problem, with the ability to create a live poll during the event and encourage added engagement and participation.

Showcase your Event Branding

Apply your own branding and content to the event to allow your brand to be showcased.

Guest Table Assignment

Assign guests to their own tables which are clearly identifiable with company branding, making it easy to find who you want to connect with. Finding nominees, sponsors and colleagues is simple.

Text and Video Chat Capabilities

Offers unprecedented networking opportunities for guests to chat using text or video with the ability to allow targeted and direct communication and networking throughout the event.

Guest Photo Gallery

Guests can post photos of themselves enjoying the event and share how they’re celebrating the awards.

Showcase and Manage Sponsors

Sponsor branding is visible at premium touch points allowing guests to interact with sponsor brands and link directly to their web and social platforms via their profiles.

Reporting and Data Analysis

Every activity and user interaction from the initial registration process through to guest attendance at the event is tracked so you can identify behaviours and interests.