All-in-one exhibition management software

Run all of your events efficiently in one place (exhibitions)

Run all of your
in one place

Run Engaging and Profitable Exhibitions

Evessio Exhibitions is an interactive platform with the capability to create branded websites, provide engagement for delegates, sponsors and exhibitors, manage profiles and administration tasks and track user interactions in one fully functioning digital space.

Exhibitor Zone

Evessio’s Exhibitor Zone is a secure area where exhibitors can login to complete specific tasks. All tasks in the Exhibitor Zone can be monitored so you can ensure that no one misses the deadlines and provides all information required to participate in the event.

Why Evessio should be your
event management platform for Exhibitions

Create amazing event websites

Evessio builds and provides you with a fully branded and customisable website with flexible content management.

Easy Registration and Ticket Sales

Delegates can register and buy tickets with the flexible ticketing options available.

Manage Schedules and Agendas

Create basic agendas and schedules as well as offering options for multi-day events and the ability to include content streaming options.

Speaker, Exhibitor and Sponsor Management

Create dedicated areas for speakers, exhibitors and sponsors and provide the opportunity for them to login and manage their own profiles, including branding, website and social media links.

Exhibitor Zone

A secure area where exhibitors can login to complete specific tasks that can be monitored to ensure that deadlines are met.

Communications & Messaging

Maximise revenues through tailored and personalised communication that allows you to create trackable communications with targeted messaging and direct call to action.

Revenue Portal

Manage revenues with the ability to customise invoices and receipt templates, transact with multiple currency options and benefit from fully configurable variables.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed tracking and analysis is available via automated reports that can be generated with fully configurable settings allowing all aspects of performance and revenues to be measured.

Evessio sounds great, right?

Why not check out the Evessio’s Digital Events. Using our digital events venue alongside our event management software provides the ultimate digital and hybrid event management power tool