Attendee Refund Policy

Last updated: October 10, 2019

Refund policies vary depending on the type of event. With Evessio, you can post a refund policy to build trust with attendees, set expectations at the moment of purchase, and help protect against chargebacks. Create an event with paid tickets and select a refund policy that shows on your event listing and order confirmations.

Refund Policies and Administration

Minimum Requirements. 

(a) Refund policies must be posted on the applicable event page; 

(b) “No refund” policies are permissible, but must be clearly identified as such and must otherwise comply with these minimum requirements; 

(c) Refund policies (including “no refund” policies) must provide for a refund or other make good for failure to provide the advertised goods and services (e.g., event cancellation); 

(d) Refund policies must be in accordance with all applicable local laws, rules and regulations; 

(e) Refund policies must include specific instructions on how to obtain a refund, including how, when and where to direct a refund request; 

(f) Refund policies may not be changed with respect to purchases made prior to the date of such change and its posting to the applicable event page;

(g) Refund policies must set out a specific time frame within which refund requests will be responded to; and 

(h) Refund policies must otherwise be fair and reasonable.

If a refund policy is not posted or does not meet these minimum requirements set forth above, Evessio may (but has no obligation to) modify such refund policy such that it meets these minimum requirements. Such modification may take the form of prospectively making changes to the Organiser's posted refund policy on the applicable event page or retroactively applying such changes at the time of a dispute, chargeback and/or refund request.