Our clients have said the following have made a significant saving for their company.

1. Creating shortlisted and winners pages

Our clients think this feature is supercool. Creating shortlisted and winners pages is easy to do in Evessio.

Client: It was quick and easy to create and launch shortlisted pages immediately after the judging had finished and even quicker to prepare the winners pages and launch after the awards evening.

2. Create your own winner classes

Our clients also think been able to create winners classes is supercool. You specify which entrant has won, they are able to download the high resolution artwork for them to promote your awards on their website. That’s amazing. Think of the publicity your awards will get.

Client: Saved so much time creating these pages so the winners and other entrants could download the high resolution artwork so they could promote their success.

3. Set your event time zone

Client: I knew that my website would stop taking bookings at the correct time based on the location of the event, it was just easy to manage.

4. See table bookings - guest names % completion

Client: Allowed me to see at a quick glance which bookings had not completed their guest names and respond accordingly .