Publisher Testimonials

Publishers Testimonials

Are you a publishing company with events, or an events company with publications?

Events management software provider Evessio is well-placed to observe how events are growing in importance for publishers, not only to promote their brands but also to get to know their audience better and to diversify their revenues.

Thomas Howie, COO of Evessio, said a client in the publishing industry recently told him: “We are now an events company with publications rather than a publishing company with events, which is what we are known for.”

Howie said publishers, whether they see it quite like this or not, have realise that their investment in their events management systems have to keep up with what they expect their events to contribute to their top line and their bottom line.

Feedback from Evessio’s clients in the publishing industry highlights three main groups of benefits that they see from using Evessio’s events management software, according to Howie.

1. Increase in attendance and revenue

“By using Evessio we were able to grow our first event with them by 30% from the previous year,” said Megan Horgan, Marketing Executive at TES Global. Andy Salter, Managing Director at DVV Media UK, also said they saw revenue increases since starting to use Evessio.

Meanwhile, Dennis Publishing has seen an increase in ticket sales since becoming an Evessio client and Matt Barber, Events Director at Crain Communications, said their events have seem “impressive growth over last few years since we changed to Evessio”.

2. Efficiencies and savings

“Introducing Evessio allows us to manage our event communications, tickets, awards entries, judging, delegate lists, exhibitor manual and web pages all in one place, giving our attendees and judges a superior experience and most importantly saving our teams valuable time to allow them to focus on delivering exceptional events,” according to Lizzy Threadgold, Group Events Marketing Executive at JPI Media.

Back end functionality and ease of use are often mentioned in this regard. “Our staff find their back end very easy to use,” said Emma Turner, Head of Events at Dennis Publishing. “Evessio came out on top as the platform that provides a total end to end solution with all the functionality we were looking for,” according to Ellie Wilkinson, Marketing Executive for Eljays44.

“We use Evessio as our EMS platform across all of our events as it provides fantastic functionality for our end users, as well as features that have enabled us to save money,” said DVV’s Salter.

Readily available information contributes to efficiencies for publishers. “Evessio provides the tool and insight to know where everyone is in the process from initial interest to completion of entries or bookings making it easy to manage and ensure no potential attendee, nominee or purchaser is missed,” said Horgan of TES Global.

3. Good service and a pleasant working relationship

As important as the cold, clinical process of ticking critical boxes is when looking for a software provider, it is often other attributes that convinces a company to go with a certain outfit. Feedback from publishers suggests that they find Evessio good to work with during the selection process and after they became clients.

For Asian Media Group, one of the issues that influenced their decision to sign up with Evessio in May this year was the knowledge that their events team would get continuous support during the transition to their new, integrated events management system. “Many of the team members have not used event software before so they will need to be trained extensively and we feel with Evessio, they will help us every step of the way.”

Dennis Publishing’s Turner said they were impressed by how flexible Evessio’s support team was and how quickly they were able to build them a sample site to support their internal pitch.

“Since starting the process with them the experience of working with them has been fantastic!” said Wilkinson of Eljays44.

“Our users are not IT gurus, they are events gurus”

Howie said that publisher clients also highlight modern-looking websites that truly reflect their brands, image and customers, as well as a back-end system that is proven time and time again to improve user experience and increase revenues.

“Clients also appreciate good old-fashioned quality of tech and first-rate service. We realise that users of our software are not IT gurus, they are events gurus. So it is crucial that the technology provides all the functionality they need to deliver amazing events while being easy to use, intuitive and enabling them to focus on key areas to maximise revenues and provide fantastic user experience.”

Word of mouth

“Word seems to be getting around in the publishing industry about our products and services,” said Howie.

“We have enjoyed positive referrals within the publishing industry which started with our work for FIPP and the PPA. We were introduced to a number of their member organizations which are now happy Evessio customers who have provided great testimonials and referrals. We are thrilled to see the levels of efficiency and growth we are able to support amongst our publishing customers. Our customers are loyal and happy to recommend and promote Evessio which means our combination of first class support, modern intuitive technology and vision are really meeting the needs of our publishing customers” END