The next wave of event technology

People, process and technology

“People, process and technology” – you might have heard those three words together, but how do they influence your events? What if the technology could drive your decisions about people and process? You don’t need a crystal ball to determine your future events – you just need technology to show you key data to help make the best decisions.

Evessio DNA is the event management tool that allows you to create and build users’ personas and to use the information in your business. Why have event-dna? We use personas to help us build better events by understanding our users and designing for their needs. Personas capture a large amount of user information allowing to making meaningful decisions about your future events or products.

Personas help you better understand the real people who attend your events or buy your products. Beyond title or role, personas provide insight into users’ work behaviours, trends and interests, opening the door for other sales opportunities. They’re more than a simple title or role – they’re based on real users’ behaviours, attitudes, desires, capabilities, tools, and perspective on the products, all within the context of their needs.

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