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Evessio allows you to focus on the quality of your exhibition with the freedom to be innovative and creative. Using the latest technology, Evessio is able to adapt and customize your exhibition with a bespoke outcome every time.
Whether your company works globally, within one or numerous industries, your needs are distinctive. Working as a collaboration you will discover new concepts and solutions when planning Awards Experiences.
Continually going further to ensure the success of your Conference, Evessio brings a remarkable blend of services, capability and technology together to support you through the challenges and escort you through the process.

What we do

Evessio is the most innovative software platform solution for awards, exhibitions and conferences. Evessio draws on years of experience in the hosting and management of events and has been over two years in the making. We are changing the industry, varying the way people think and transforming the way that you work. Just register to get started. Build your complete website without charge. You will see and experience why we embrace technology and believe in change. You don’t need to call for a demo, but we are here to help. Start your Evessio experience now.

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Responsive Themes

Designed with terrific attention to detail and performance. Our priority is the user, our powerful framework allows you to create virtually and design style. Advanced theme options to create unique sites without having to know any code. Choose your own brand colours within each theme. Flexible and responsive framework, intuitive tools sits at the heart of evessio themes.

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